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Adaptable pervasive flows are dynamic workflows situated in the real world that modify their execution in order to adapt to changes in the execution environment. This requires on the one hand that a flow must be context-aware and on the other hand that it must be flexible enough to allow an easy and continuous adaptation. In this paper we propose a set of(More)
Cloud computing enables cost-effective, self-service, and elastic hosting of applications in the Cloud. Applications may be partially or completely moved to the Cloud. When hosting or moving the database layer to the Cloud, challenges such as avoidance of disclosure of critical data have to be faced. The main challenges are handling different levels of(More)
—A critical aspect for pervasive computing is the possibility to discover and use process knowledge at run time depending on the specific context. This can be achieved by using an underlying service-based application and exploiting its features in terms of dynamic service discovery, selection, and composition. Pervasive process fragments represent a(More)