Tobias U. Schülli

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We compare elastic relaxation and Si-Ge distribution in epitaxial islands grown on both pit-patterned and flat Si(001) substrates. Anomalous x-ray diffraction yields that nucleation in the pits provides a higher relaxation. Using an innovative, model-free fitting procedure based on self-consistent solutions of the elastic problem, we provide compositional(More)
Anomalous x-ray scattering is employed for quantitative measurements of the Ge composition profile in islands on Si(001). The anomalous effect in SiGe is enhanced exploiting the dependence of the complex atomic form factors on the momentum transfer. Comparing the intensity ratios for x-ray energies below and close to the K edge of Ge at various Bragg(More)
Advanced semiconductor heterostructures are at the very heart of many modern technologies, including aggressively scaled complementary metal oxide semiconductor transistors for high performance computing and laser diodes for low power solid state lighting applications. The control of structural and compositional homogeneity of these semiconductor(More)
We study the growth and relaxation processes of Ge crystals selectively grown by chemical vapour deposition on free-standing 90 nm wide Si(001) nanopillars. Epi-Ge with thickness ranging from 4 to 80 nm was characterized by synchrotron based x-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy. We found that the strain in Ge nanostructures is plastically(More)
The phenomenon of supercooling in metals-that is, the preservation of a disordered, fluid phase in a metastable state well below the melting point-has led to speculation that local atomic structure configurations of dense, symmetric, but non-periodic packing act as the main barrier for crystal nucleation. For liquids in contact with solids, crystalline(More)
Multilayers of strained metamagnetic EuSe intercalated with nonmagnetic PbSe1-xTex were grown by molecular beam epitaxy under conditions optimized by electron diffraction. From detailed structural and magnetic characterization using anomalous synchrotron x-ray diffraction and magnetization measurements, the phase transition temperatures and the magnetic(More)
The growth of Ge islands on a pit-patterned Si(001) template is investigated in situ, combining grazing incidence diffraction, multiple wavelength anomalous diffraction, and small angle scattering. This allows monitoring in situ the detailed structural and morphological evolutions of the pits, of the wetting-layer and of the nucleated islands on the(More)
Three-dimensional reciprocal-space maps of a single SiGe island around the Si(004) Bragg peak are recorded using an energy-tuning technique with a microfocused X-ray beam with compound refractive lenses as focusing optics. The map is in agreement with simulated data as well as with a map recorded by an ordinary rocking-curve scan. The energy-tuning approach(More)