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<i>Informative art</i> is computer augmented, or amplified, works of art that not only are aesthetical objects but also information displays, in as much as they dynamically reflect information about their environment. Informative art can be seen as a kind of <i>slow technology</i>, i.e. a technology that promotes moments of concentration and reflection. Our(More)
Thanks to advances in display technologies, it will soon be possible to have electronic information displays virtually everywhere. We have developed the concept of <i>Informative Art</i> as a way to integrate information visualization in the everyday human environment. Informative Art combines a dynamically updated information display with the decorative(More)
Unlike traditional information visualization, ambient information visualizations reside in the environment of the user rather than on the screen of a desktop computer. Currently, most dynamic information that is displayed in public places consists of text and numbers. We argue that information visualization can be employed to make such dynamic data more(More)
The field of display technology is rapidly developing, and LCD-and plasma-displays are already invading our surroundings. Alternative technologies such as "electronic ink", electro-luminescent materials, and even color-changing textiles [Holmquist and Melin 2001] will further increase the number of possibilities to integrate computer graphics in our(More)
<i>WebAware</i> is a system that makes information about web site traffic available in a public space. The information is presented in a dynamic visualization, which is based on a map of the web site and designed to give an overview of how the site is constructed. Information about activity, such as the number of visitors and which area of the web site is(More)
We are exploring the use of persuasive computational technology as an instrument for the communication of human emotions. Our current focus is on encouraging such communication between strangers. We present the concept of <i>the LoveBomb</i> - a mobile and persuasive device that allows people to anonymously communicate feelings of love (happiness) and(More)
As computer use increasingly influence everyday life, we need to complement our knowledge of the computer as a technology for creating fast and efficient tools, with other perspectives on information technology. We describe Slow Technology , technology aimed at promoting moments of reflection and mental rest. Taking the design programme of Slow Technology(More)