Tobias Schreyer

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Chronic pain is common and undesirable after surgery. Progression from acute to chronic pain involves altered pain processing. The authors studied relationships between presence of chronic pain versus preoperative descending pain control (diffuse noxious inhibitory controls; DNICs) and postoperative persistence and spread of skin and deep tissue(More)
For palliation of pain caused by bone metastases beta radiation isotope therapy was successful. As shown in experimental work on animals bone uptake of 90Y with its shorter half-life is high when it is administered as a citrate complex. 90Y can be eluted with high purity from a 90Sr "cow". The retention in man was found by whole-body counting to be higher(More)
BACKGROUND The PainDETECT-Questionnaire (PDQ) helps to identify neuropathic components in patients suffering from pain. It can be used by clinicians in daily practice and in clinical trials. AIM The aim of this study is to perform a translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the PDQ for use in the Netherlands and Belgium. METHODS The first phase was(More)
A 30-year-old Italian male was admitted to the hospital showing all clinical signs of acute pancreatitis. With the help of computerized tomography, ultrasonic and angiographic methods multiple cysts in pancreatic body and tail as well as close to the hilus of the spleen could be shown. Positive serological tests made the diagnosis "echinococcus granulosus"(More)
Ultrasonic examination was performed in 79 patients with blunt abdominal trauma, using 3.5 mHz real-time sonography. The examination aimed at clarifying intraperitoneal and retroperitoneal haemorrhage and injury to organs. Sonographic detection of haemorrhage succeeded in 13/13 of spleen ruptures and in one case of a liver rupture. 6 renal traumas were(More)
Vague notions concerning the radiation dose to the gonads during sclerosing treatment of varicoceles have lead to the unjust neglect of this form of therapy. Accurate measurements have shown that the dose is less than the dose to the female breast resulting from chest radiographs in two planes, if the treatment proceeds without complication. Although the(More)
INTRODUCTION Malignant and benign cells differ according to their elasticity. An atomic force microscope is a useful tool for measuring these mechanical cell properties. If cells of different dignity show different resonance behavior, due to their different elasticity, a selective ablation of specific tissue types by ultrasound would be possible. The goal(More)
The microcystic adenoma of the pancreas is a very rare benign pancreatic tumour. This tumour, which is usually large and grows slowly, results in displacement and compression of the adjacent organs. Angiography reveals hypervascularisation. The characteristic structure of the tumour can be recognized both in the sonogram and in the computer tomogram.