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Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) has become increasingly important in the field of potable water treatment, as a preferred option for treating upland and stored lowland waters. This paper outlines the development of dissolved air flotation (DAF) in potable water treatment, the benefits and disadvantages and the recent advances that has taken the process(More)
Autonomous Underwater Gliders have over a decade long history of successful regional deployments serving scientific, societal and security needs in application areas ranging from pole to pole and including the full range of water depths from shallow coastal seas to the deep ocean. Glider deployments covering the basin scale are much fewer, but are a growing(More)
The sediments from a liquid effluent receiving area at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and soils from an intensive study area in the fallout pathway of Trinity were sampled for 137Cs using 25-, 500-, 2500- and 12,500-cm3 field sampling volumes. A highly replicated sampling program was used to determine mean concentrations and inventories of 137Cs at each(More)
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