Tobias Schneider

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Evoked by the increasing need to integrate side-channel countermeasures into security-enabled commercial devices, evaluation labs are seeking a standard approach that enables a fast, reliable and robust evaluation of the side-channel vulnerability of the given products. To this end, standardization bodies such as NIST intend to establish a leakage(More)
A common countermeasure to thwart side-channel analysis attacks is algorithmic masking. For this, algorithms that mix Boolean and arithmetic operations need to either apply two different masking schemes with secure conversions or use dedicated arithmetic units that can process Boolean masked values. Several proposals have been published that can realize(More)
—Two 171 Yb + single-ion optical frequency standards operating at 688 THz (436 nm) are compared in order to investigate systematic frequency shifts in the subhertz range. In the absence of externally applied perturbations, a mean relative frequency difference of 3.8 · 10 −16 is observed. Using a femtosecond frequency comb generator based on an Er 3+-doped(More)
During the last years, the industry sector showed particular interest in solutions which allow to encrypt and decrypt data within one clock cycle. Known as low-latency cryptography, such ciphers are desirable for pervasive applications with real-time security requirements. On the other hand, pervasive applications are very likely in control of the end user,(More)
The Future Internet is one of the key techniques to support the organizational processes in a reactive way. The Internet itself has developed from a mere data-centric organization into a platform for applications (services). To orchestrate the multiplicity of services in the Internet an event-driven and language-critical architecture is needed. Moreover a(More)
Since 2012, it is publicly known that the bitstream encryp-tion feature of modern Xilinx FPGAs can be broken by side-channel analysis. Presented at CT-RSA 2012, using graphics processing units (GPUs) the authors demonstrated power analysis attacks mounted on side-channel evaluation boards optimized for power measurements. In this work, we extend such(More)
In this paper we present a comprehensive modeling language for clinical processes that integrates requirements from the medical, organizational and economical dimension into a single clinical process model. The design of this modeling language is heavily influenced by the experiences we made when documentingt he processes at several clinics in Germany.(More)
A majority of biodiversity research projects depend on field recording and ecology data. Therefore it is important to provide a seamless and transparent data flow from the field to the data storage systems and networks. Seamless in the sense, that data are available shortly after their gathering, transparent in the sense that the history of data operations(More)