Tobias Scheidat

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Automatically verifying the identity of a person by means of biometrics (e.g., face and fingerprint) is an important application in our day-today activities such as accessing banking services and security control in airports. To increase the system reliability, several biometric devices are often used. Such a combined system is known as a multimodal(More)
In this paper an approach for combining online signature authentication experts will be proposed. The different experts are based on one feature extraction method presented in our earlier work, the Biometric Hash algorithm [1], to which different distance measurement functions are applied. We will show that by the fusion of several algorithms with an(More)
A new approach of enlarging fused biometric databases is presented. Fusion strategies based upon matching score are applied on active biometrics verification scenarios. Consistent biometric data of two traits are used in test scenarios of handwriting and speaker verification. The fusion strategies are applied on multimodal biometrics of two different user(More)
In this paper a novel fusion approach for combining voice and online signature verification will be introduced. While the matching algorithm for the speaker identification modality is based on a single Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) algorithm, the signature verification strategy is based on four different distance measurement functions, combined by(More)
In this paper, we suggest an optimization approach for fingerprint authentication using genetic algorithms. Our application was planned so that it can be used without great effort for different biometric systems. Instead of estimating the required parameters as in the case of some methods, here they are determined with the help of genetic algorithms. Our(More)
The fusion of biometric systems, algorithms and/or traits is a well known solution to improve authentication performance of biometric systems. In this article the fusion of two instances of the same semantic is suggested, where semantics are alternative handwritten contents such as numbers or sentences, in addition to commonly used signature. In order to(More)