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In their natural environment, animals face complex and highly dynamic olfactory input. Thus vertebrates as well as invertebrates require fast and reliable processing of olfactory information. Parallel processing has been shown to improve processing speed and power in other sensory systems and is characterized by extraction of different stimulus parameters(More)
The functional properties of most sodium channels are too similar to permit identification of specific sodium channel types underlying macroscopic current. Such discrimination would be particularly advantageous in the nervous system in which different sodium channel family isoforms are coexpressed in the same cell. To test whether members of the(More)
The neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) gene product, neurofibromin, regulates activation of the Ras intracellular signaling pathway in Schwann cells. Schwann cells purified from mouse embryos with null mutations in the Nf1 gene increase expression of the major myelin glycoprotein P0. v-Ras expression in cultured Schwann cells partially mimics loss of Nf1,(More)
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