Tobias Richter

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Three experiments with paired comparisons were conducted to test the non-compensatory character of the recognition heuristic (D. G. Goldstein & G. Gigerenzer, 2002) in judgment and decision making. Recognition and knowledge about the recognized alternative were manipulated. In Experiment 1, participants were presented pairs of animal names where the task(More)
Caveolae are characteristic invaginations of the mammalian plasma membrane (PM) implicated in lipid regulation, signal transduction and endocytosis. We have employed electron microscope tomography (ET) to quantify caveolae structure-function relationships in three-dimension (3D) at high resolution both in conventionally fixed and in(More)
Fact-related information contained in fictional narratives may induce substantial changes in readers’ real-world beliefs. Current models of persuasion through fiction assume that these effects occur because readers are psychologically transported into the fictional world of the narrative. Contrary to general dual-process models of persuasion, models of(More)
Two experiments were conducted to investigate whether color representations are routinely activated when color words are processed. Congruency effects of colors and color words were observed in both directions. Lexical decisions on color words were faster when preceding colors matched the color named by the word. Color-discrimination responses were slowed(More)
Cognitive and metacognitive strategies are particularly important for learning with hypertext. The effectiveness of strategy training, however, depends on available working memory resources. Thus, especially learners high on working memory capacity can profit from strategy training, while learners low on working memory capacity might easily be overtaxed. In(More)
In social cognition, knowledge-based validation of information is usually regarded as relying on strategic and resource-demanding processes. Research on language comprehension, in contrast, suggests that validation processes are involved in the construction of a referential representation of the communicated information. This view implies that individuals(More)
Dynamic processes are of great interest in the study of lipid and fatty acid metabolism. Their in vivo investigation is now possible with the use of stable isotope tracers and the available sensitive analytical technology. We present some examples demonstrating the assessment of lipid oxidation as well as modulating factors by analysis of the tracer(More)
Topically applied water exerts mechanical stress on individual corneocytes as well as on the whole stratum corneum (SC), resulting in an alteration of barrier function. In this study we used complete skin biopsies and showed that the SC reacts to water stress as a highly optimized and well-regulated structure against osmotic changes. Following a relatively(More)
Over the last two decades, several different preparative techniques have been developed to investigate frozen-hydrated biological samples by electron microscopy. In this article, we describe an alternative approach that allows either ultrastructural investigations of frozen human skin at a resolution better than 15 nm or sample throughput that is(More)