Tobias Richter

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Three experiments with paired comparisons were conducted to test the non-compensatory character of the recognition heuristic (D. G. Goldstein & G. Gigerenzer, 2002) in judgment and decision making. Recognition and knowledge about the recognized alternative were manipulated. In Experiment 1, participants were presented pairs of animal names where the task(More)
Two experiments were conducted to investigate whether color representations are routinely activated when color words are processed. Congruency effects of colors and color words were observed in both directions. Lexical decisions on color words were faster when preceding colors matched the color named by the word. Color-discrimination responses were slowed(More)
In social cognition, knowledge-based validation of information is usually regarded as relying on strategic and resource-demanding processes. Research on language comprehension, in contrast, suggests that validation processes are involved in the construction of a referential representation of the communicated information. This view implies that individuals(More)
According to experiential theories of language comprehension, perceptual information plays an essential role when word meanings are accessed. We conducted four experiments to investigate how different types of perceptual information such as colour and shape are combined during word access. One possibility is that the colour and shape of a word's referent(More)
We report on the experimental observation of stable double-charge discrete vortex solitons generated in hexagonal photonic lattices created optically in self-focusing nonlinear media and show that single-charge vortex solitons are unstable in analogous conditions. Subsequently, we study, both theoretically and experimentally , the existence and stability of(More)
In two experiments, we investigated the activation of perceptual representations of referent objects during word processing. In both experiments, participants learned to associate pictures of novel three-dimensional objects with pseudowords. They subsequently performed a recognition task (Experiment 1) or a naming task (Experiment 2) on the object names(More)
We realize an experimental control over the topological stability of three-lobe discrete vortex solitons by modifying the symmetry of a hexagonal photonic lattice optically induced in a photorefractive crystal. By continuously deforming the lattice wave in one transverse direction, we manipulate the coupling between lattice sites and induce or inhibit the(More)
We report on the first observation of topologically stable spatially localized multivortex solitons generated in optically induced hexagonal photonic lattices. We demonstrate that topological stabilization of such nonlinear localized states can be achieved through self-trapping of truncated two-dimensional Bloch waves and confirm our experimental results by(More)
National Institute of Mental Health grant MH-63972, and NSF grant BCS-0446637. We would like to thank Malte Elson, Christopher Morris, and Helena Yardley for their help in collecting data. Acquiring experiential traces 2 Abstract Two experiments investigated the activation of perceptual representations of referent objects during word processing. In both(More)