Tobias Richter

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Gigerenzer and Brighton (2009) have argued for a "Homo heuristicus" view of judgment and decision making, claiming that there is evidence for a majority of individuals using fast and frugal heuristics. In this vein, they criticize previous studies that tested the descriptive adequacy of some of these heuristics. In addition, they provide a reanalysis of(More)
We realize an experimental control over the topological stability of three-lobe discrete vortex solitons by modifying the symmetry of a hexagonal photonic lattice optically induced in a photorefractive crystal. By continuously deforming the lattice wave in one transverse direction, we manipulate the coupling between lattice sites and induce or inhibit the(More)
We report on the first observation of topologically stable spatially localized multivortex solitons generated in optically induced hexagonal photonic lattices. We demonstrate that topological stabilization of such nonlinear localized states can be achieved through self-trapping of truncated two-dimensional Bloch waves and confirm our experimental results by(More)
Telling stories can be a powerful way to persuade. This contributions reviews previous research on individual differences in narrative persuasion, with an emphasis on one personality construct: the need for affect. Implications for persuasion profiling are discussed. Moreover, this contribution provides data on correlates of the need for affect which might(More)
We experimentally observed a counterpropagating dipole-mode vector soliton in a photorefractive SBN:60Ce crystal. We investigated the transient formation dynamics and show that the formation process differs significantly from the copropagating geometry. The experimental results are compared with fully anisotropic numerical simulations and show good(More)
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