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As silicon electronics approaches the atomic scale, interconnects and circuitry become comparable in size to the active device components. Maintaining low electrical resistivity at this scale is challenging because of the presence of confining surfaces and interfaces. We report on the fabrication of wires in silicon--only one atom tall and four atoms(More)
Time-resolved coherent X-ray diffraction experiments of standing surface acoustic waves, illuminated under grazing incidence by a nanofocused synchrotron beam, are reported. The data have been recorded in stroboscopic mode at controlled and varied phase between the acoustic frequency generator and the synchrotron bunch train. At each time delay (phase(More)
The technical realisation and the commissioning experiments of a high-speed X-ray detector based on a quadrant avalanche silicon photodiode and high-speed digitizers are described. The development is driven by the need for X-ray detectors dedicated to time-resolved diffraction and imaging experiments, ideally requiring pulse-resolved data processing at the(More)
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