Tobias René Mayer

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In recent years, publish/subscribe (pub/sub) systems have evolved as serious candidates for the implementation of multicast communication. However, to date they have not been properly analysed with respect to the critical dimension of robustness. Indeed, the robustness evaluations found in the literature only cover a subset of the types of failure(More)
This paper introduces the RCourse benchmarking suite, an extension to the Peersim simulatior environment. RCourse supports simulative evaluations of Publish/Subscribe systems with respect to robustness. To this end, it provides among others mechanisms for the aggregation of measurement values and for an automatic graph generation representing the extracted(More)
In communication architectures, nodes are expected to spend their own resources so as to relay other nodes' messages or perform other services for the common good. However any selfish node, if given the opportunity, would typically prefer - to spare its own resources - to avoid serving the other nodes. This creates a potential problem to any collaborative(More)
This paper presents an extension to inViPla, a video search framework designed for operation on Personal Digital Assistants (PDA). The internal query system of the original framework has been replaced with a new query engine which generates multimedia queries using the MPEG Query Format (MPQF) standard to achieve platform independence. To formulate such(More)
Today’s networks are often characterized by a free aggregation of independent nodes. Thus, the possibility increases that a sel�sh party operates a node, which may violate the collaborative protocol in order to increase a personal bene�t. If such violations di�er from the system goals they can even be considered as attack. Current fault-tolerance techniques(More)
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