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The maximal matching problem, i.e., the computation of a matching that is not a proper subset of another matching, is a fundamental optimization problem and algorithms for maximal matchings have been used as submodules for problems like maximal node-disjoint paths or maximum flow. Since in some applications graphs become larger and larger, a research branch(More)
We study the problem of robust routing in urban public transportation networks. In order to propose solutions that are robust for typical delays, we assume that we have past observations of real traffic situations available. In particular, we assume that we have " daily records " containing the observed travel times in the whole network for a few past days.(More)
Given an urban public transportation network and historic delay information, we consider the problem of computing reliable journeys. We propose new algorithms based on our recently presented solution concept (Böhmová et al., ATMOS 2013), and perform an experimental evaluation using real-world delay data from Zürich, Switzerland. We compare these methods to(More)
The computer navigation system Robodent, which was developed for dental implants, was used for the placement of orthodontic anchorage screws in a phantom head. The deviation between the planned and finally achieved position of the screws did not exceed that reported for dental implants. In conclusion, the system seem to be suitable and precise enough for(More)
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