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Extended surgical resections of advanced thymoma Masaoka stages III and IVa facilitate outcome.
OBJECTIVE Extended thymoma resections including adjacent structures and pleurectomy/decortication (P/D) with hyperthermic intrathoracic chemotherapy (HITHOC) perfusion were performed in aExpand
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Cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intrathoracic chemotherapy perfusion for malignant pleural tumours: perioperative management and clinical experience.
OBJECTIVES A combination of cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intrathoracic chemotherapy perfusion (HITHOC) was performed for the treatment of primary and secondary pleural malignancies. WeExpand
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Minimally Invasive Vacuum-Assisted Closure Therapy With Instillation (Mini-VAC-Instill) for Pleural Empyema
Enthusiasm for minimally invasive thoracic surgery is increasing. Thoracoscopy plays a significant therapeutic role in the fibrinopurulent stage (stage II) of empyema, in which loculated fluid cannotExpand
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Local and systemic exposure of cisplatin during hyperthermic intrathoracic chemotherapy perfusion after pleurectomy and decortication for treatment of pleural malignancies
Assessing the pharmacokinetics of intrapleurally administered cisplatin during hyperthermic intrathoracic chemotherapy perfusion (HITHOC) following pleurectomy/decortication in patients withExpand
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Surgical resection of thymoma still represents the first choice of treatment.
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to analyze the clinicopathological factors, treatment strategies and survival rates after surgical resection of thymoma. METHODS Between 12/1997 and 5/2010, 42Expand
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Prospective, comparative study of the On-Q® PainBuster® postoperative pain relief system and thoracic epidural analgesia after thoracic surgery.
OBJECTIVE Pain after thoracotomy is associated with intense discomfort leading to impaired pulmonary function. DESIGN Prospective, non-randomized trial from April 2009 to September 2011. SETTINGExpand
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Burden between Undersupply and Overtreatment in the Care of Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax
Background The optimal treatment of primary spontaneous pneumothorax (PSP) is still controversial. The purpose of this study was to analyze the incidence of recurrence, the recurrence‐free time, andExpand
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Acute renal dysfunction does not develop more frequently among octogenarians compared to septuagenarians after cardiac surgery.
BACKGROUND We tested the hypothesis that octogenarians develop more frequently renal dysfunction compared with septuagenarians after cardiac surgery. METHODS A retrospective, observational study onExpand
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Plastische Rekonstruktionsverfahren der Brustwand nach Mediastinitis
ZusammenfassungDie Sternumosteomyelitis als direkte Folge einer fortgeschrittenen Mediastinitis oder in den meisten Fällen nach medianer Sternotomie ist weiterhin mit einem verlängertenExpand
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