Tobias Poschwatta

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This paper deals with a new pricing approach in utility fair networks, where the user's application is associated with a utility function. We allow users to have concave as well as non-concave utility functions. Bandwidth is allocated such that utility values of applications are shared fairly. In this work, we derive a fairness measure for utility functions(More)
This paper deals with a new approach to integrate congestion control for real-time applications and elastic traffic into a unified framework. In our previous work, we proposed a new fairness criterion, utility proportional fairness, that takes characteristics of real-time applications into account. We complement this framework by deriving a general method(More)
In the context of a network implementing congestion pricing, we focus on user strategies to determine their willingness to pay parameter. We argue that users downloading a file in fixed time, or users running a multimedia application will have other strategies to decide on their payment than simply to maximize their surplus measured by a concave utility(More)
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