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In this paper we present a solution for formation flight and formation reconfiguration of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Based on a virtual leader approach, combined with an extended local potential field, the method is universal applicable by driving the vehicle’s auto pilot. The solution is verified, using a group of UAVs based on a simplified(More)
The increasing use of CT/MR devices in forensic analysis motivates the need to present forensic findings from different sources in an intuitive reference visualization, with the aim of combining 3D volumetric images along with digital photographs of external findings into a 3D computer graphics model. This model allows a comprehensive presentation of(More)
The Middle Paleolithic fossil human teeth from Taddeo cave in southwestern Italy were discovered in 1967, but to date only scanty and partially incorrect information has been published about them. The teeth were recovered in a reddish sandy layer from the cave's floor, which is attributed either to an early phase of Würm I (OIS 5c or 5d) or a transition(More)
The coherent flow of a Bose-Einstein condensate through a quantum dot in a magnetic waveguide is studied. By the numerical integration of the time-dependent Gross-Pitaevskii equation in the presence of a source term, we simulate the propagation process of the condensate through a double barrier potential in the waveguide. We find that resonant transport is(More)
For decades, morphological research on human faces was performed either on the living subject, or by means of 2D photographs. Within the last few years and with the development of new systems we are now able to produce three dimensional models of human faces. The methods and tools for data acquisition, processing, and analysis of 3D shape and form are part(More)
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