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We present Pycket, a high-performance tracing JIT compiler for Racket. Pycket supports a wide variety of the sophisticated features in Racket such as contracts, continuations, classes, structures, dynamic binding, and more. On average, over a standard suite of benchmarks, Pycket outperforms existing compilers, both Racket's JIT and other(More)
Research on language implementation techniques has regained importance with the rise of domain-specific languages (DSLs). Although DSLs can help manage a domain's complexity, building highly optimizing compilers or virtual machines is rarely affordable. So, performance remains an issue. Ideally, you would implement a simple interpreter and still be able to(More)
This paper introduces the SOM (Simple Object Machine) family of virtual machine (VM) implementations, a collection of VMs for the same Smalltalk dialect addressing students at different levels of expertise. Starting from a Java-based implementation, several ports of the VM to different programming languages have been developed and put to successful use in(More)
We report our experience in implementing SqueakJS, a bit-compatible implementation of Squeak/Smalltalk written in pure JavaScript. SqueakJS runs entirely in the Web browser with a virtual filesystem that can be directed to a server or client-side storage. Our implementation is notable for simplicity and performance gained through adaptation to the host(More)
When implementing virtual machines, besides the interpreter and optimization facilities, we have to include a set of primitive functions that the client language can use. Some of these implement truly primitive behavior, such as arithmetic operations. Other primitive functions, which we call <i>algorithmic primitives</i>, are expressible in the client(More)
Contemporary development environments do not directly and explicitly support developers in having a conversation about the code they write and maintain. This problem is aggravated when geographically dispersed teams need to collaborate on development artifacts. CodeTalk allows developers to have conversations about source code elements. They can mark code(More)
The prevalent way of code sharing in many current object systems is static and/or single inheritance; both are limiting in situations that call for multi-dimensional decomposition. Sideways composition provides a technique to reduce their limitations. Context-oriented programming (COP) notably applies sideways composition to achieve better modularity.(More)
Storage strategies have been proposed as a run-time optimization for the PyPy Python implementation and have shown promising results for optimizing execution speed and memory requirements. However, it remained unclear whether the approach works equally well in other dynamic languages. Furthermore, while PyPy is based on RPython, a language to write VMs with(More)
The performance of value classes is highly dependent on how they are represented in the virtual machine. Value class instances are immutable, have no identity, and can only refer to other value classes or primitives and since they should be very lightweight and fast, it is important to optimize them well. In this paper we present a technique to detect and(More)