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Indirect metrics in quality models define weighted integrations of direct metrics to provide higher-level quality indicators. This paper presents a case study that investigates to what degree quality models depend on statistical assumptions about the distribution of direct metrics values when these are integrated and aggregated. We vary the normalization(More)
We present an evaluation of a simple method to find architectural problems in a product line of computer games. The method uses dependencies (direct, indirect, or no) to automatically classify types in the implementation to high-level components in the product line architecture. We use a commercially available tool to analyse dependencies in the source(More)
In this paper, we investigate how unit testing can be used to verify computer game simulations with implicit and poorly defined mathematical models. The difficulty of calculation of expected values for such cases tends to lead to Fragile and Obscure tests. The effects of these test smells can be reduced if we improve the strategy we use to calculate(More)
In game software it is important to separate gameplay code from rendering code to ease transitions to new technologies or different platforms. The architectural pattern Model-View-Controller (MVC) is commonly used to achieve such separation. We investigate how the MVC architectural pattern is implemented in five game projects from a small development(More)
Static architectural conformance checking can be used to find architectural violations, cases where the implementation does not adhere to the architecture, and prevent architectural erosion. We implement a software service for automated conformance checking and investigate the effect this has on the number of architectural violations in software projects.(More)
Observation is important when we teach programming. It can help identify students that struggle, concepts that are not clearly presented during lectures, poor assignments, etc. However, as development tools become more widely available or courses move off-campus and online, we lose our ability to naturally observe students. Online programming environments(More)
We investigate the benefits of our programming assignments in correlation to what the students learn and show in their programming solutions. The assignments are supposed to teach the students to use best practices related to program comprehension, but do the programming assignments clearly show the benefits of best practices? We performed an experiment(More)