Tobias Nilsson

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The pharmacokinetics of estramustine phosphate (EMP) was studied in five prostatic cancer patients given single i.v. and oral doses of EMP in a cross-over study. Plasma and urinary concentrations of parent drug, estramustine, estromustine (the estrone analogue), estradiol and estrone were followed by 32 h. The elimination of intravenous EMP from plasma was(More)
Based upon data from a prospective series of 61 patients with ulcerative colitis, most of them with the mild or quiescent form, a simple index for assessment of the disease's activity was devised. The activity index was the sum of three different scores evaluating history, macroscopic findings at endoscopy and microscopic findings in biopsy specimens,(More)
Plasma samples from patients with prostatic cancer under oral treatment with estramustine phosphate (Estracyt) were quantitatively analyzed for the presence of the parent drug and some of its possible metabolites. Specific methods based on radioimmunoassay and gas chromatography-mass fragmentography were used. Dephosphorylation and oxidation at the(More)
Estramustine phosphate (Estracyt) was used in the treatment of 154 patients with carcinoma of the prostate in stage IV. Sixty-three patients were given Estracyt from the outset (primary treatment group) and 91 had previously received some other endocrine therapy (secondary treatment group). All of the patients were observed for more than one year. The drug(More)
There is no simple analytical test. Radionuclide diuretic renography (RDR), being a dynamic imaging study reflecting the function of the kidney and the urodynamics of the urinary tracts, has the potential to predict the outcome of surgery in obstructive uropathy. In 12 sheep, we occluded one ureter for a maximum of seven weeks and followed up for a maxim of(More)
[1] Up to now, state-of-the-art empirical slant delay mod-eling for processing observations from radio space geode-tic techniques has been provided by a combination of two empirical models. These are GPT (Global Pressure and Temperature) and GMF (Global Mapping Function), both operating on the basis of long-term averages of surface values from numerical(More)
The aim of this study was to describe the abnormal morphological and functional patterns observed in radionuclide diuretic renograms (RDR) in patients with chronic urinary schistosomiasis. A retrospective analysis of RDR for 92 patients was made. It revealed the following abnormalities: A) Morphological changes observed in the images: Pelvicalyceal(More)
Antithrombin III was measured immunologically, and antithrombin activity was measured with aid of a new synthetic tripeptide substrate for serine proteases in plasma of healthy infants and children, 0-14 years of age. Both methods gave decreased values in the youngest infants as compared with adults. The antithrombin increased with age and reached adult(More)
A prospective controlled randomized trial testing adjuvant postoperative combination chemotherapy (5-fluorouracil, lomustine (CCNU) and vincristine) versus no adjuvant therapy in patients operated on for Dukes' C colorectal cancer is reported. In total 334 patients aged less than 70 years were recruited: 205 patients with colonic and 99 with rectal cancer,(More)