Tobias Nelkner

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Widget based mashups seem to be a proper approach to realise self-organisable Personal Learning Environments. In comparison to integrated and monolithic pieces of software developed for supporting certain workflows, widgets provide small sets of functionality. The results of one widget can hardly be used in other widgets for further processing. In order to(More)
Since 2003 the research on Personal Learning Environments has increased. These environments support problem based, situated and informal learning in social networks within organisations and educational institutions and in subject related communities. The EU project MATURE [1] enhanced this idea with the concept of a Personal Learning and Maturing(More)
The increasing agility of business requires an accelerated adaptation of organizations to continuously changing conditions. Individual and organizational learning are prominent means to achieve this. Hereby learning is always accompanied by the development of knowledge artifacts. For the entire of learning and artifact development the term knowledge(More)
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