Tobias Nack

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PURPOSE To compare the sonographic diagnosis of renal artery stenosis (RAS) with Doppler interrogation of the main renal artery versus Doppler ultrasonography of segmental vessels. MATERIALS AND METHODS The main renal artery-to-aortic peak systolic velocity ratio (RAR) and early systolic acceleration in segmental arteries were obtained in 186 patients.(More)
It's hip to be a square! The ammines [Li(NH(3))(4)][Ind] and [Na(NH(3))(4)][Ind] both contain a cation coordinated by four ammonia molecules. Whereas the first shows the anticipated tetrahedral coordination, in the second the metal coordination is unexpectedly square-planar. The solvent-separated ion pair forms a rippled layer structure of alternating(More)
We explore the future of fabrication, in particular the vision of mobile fabrication, which we define as "personal fabrication on the go". We explore this vision with two surveys, two simple hardware prototypes, matching custom apps that provide users with access to a solution database, custom fabrication processes we designed specifically for these(More)
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