Tobias Nägeli

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In this paper we propose a computational design tool that allows end-users to create advanced quadrotor trajectories with a variety of application scenarios in mind. Our algorithm allows novice users to create quadrotor based use-cases without requiring deep knowledge in either quadrotor control or the underlying constraints of the target domain. To achieve(More)
We present a Visual Inertial Odometry system that enables the autonomous flight of Micro Aerial Vehicles in GPS denied and unstructured environments. The system relies on commercially available and affordable hardware both for sensing and computation. The algorithm runs in real time on an ARM based embedded micro-computer on-board an MAV. In experiments, we(More)
We propose a method for real-time trajectory generation with applications in aerial videography. Taking framing objectives, such as position of targets in the image plane, as input, our method solves for robot trajectories and gimbal controls automatically and adapts plans in real time due to changes in the environment. We contribute a real-time receding(More)
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