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Feature Generating Networks for Zero-Shot Learning
A novel generative adversarial network (GAN) that synthesizes CNN features conditioned on class-level semantic information, offering a shortcut directly from a semantic descriptor of a class to a class-conditional feature distribution. Expand
Robustness Certification for Point Cloud Models
3DCertify is introduced, the first verifier able to certify robustness of point cloud models and is based on a generic relaxation based on first-order Taylor approximations, applicable to any differentiable transformation, and a precise relaxation for global feature pooling. Expand
Backdoor Attacks on Network Certification via Data Poisoning
Certifiers for neural networks have made great progress towards provable robustness guarantees against evasion attacks using adversarial examples. However, introducing certifiers into deep learningExpand
Glovico - the Fair Trade Language School
Glovico Trains People From Developing Countries To Become Language Teachers Of Their Native Tongues Via Skype. We Market One-to-one Lessons For App. $ 10 In Various Languages. As Our Teachers Live InExpand