Tobias Lindner

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BACKGROUND Coma of unknown origin is an emergency caused by a variety of possibly life-threatening pathologies. Although lethality is high, there are currently no generally accepted management guidelines. METHODS We implemented a new interdisciplinary standard operating procedure (SOP) for patients presenting with non-traumatic coma of unknown origin. It(More)
Aus Notaufnahmen in Deutschland wird eine zunehmende Überfüllung berichtet, die die Prozesse belastet. Ziel der Studie ist es, Gründe für die Überfüllung der Notaufnahmen sowie populationsbezogene Einflussfaktoren zu erfassen und so eine Datengrundlage für evidenzbasierte Forschungs- und Lösungsstrategien zu entwickeln. Dies ist eine „Mixed-methods“-Studie,(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Hip resurfacing arthroplasty is being used more and more frequently. The small ratio in size between the resurfaced femoral head and the relatively thick femoral neck raises the question of whether the range of motion is sufficient, particularly with regard to the high mobility required by younger patients. We analyzed motion in a CAD(More)
OBJECTIVE Implant-associated infections remain serious complications in orthopaedic and trauma surgery. A main scientific focus has thus been drawn to the development of anti-infective implant coatings. Animal models of implant-associated infections are considered helpful in the in vivo testing of new anti-infective implant coatings. The aim of the present(More)
Substantial evidence exists for the age-related decline in maximal strength and strength development. Despite the importance of knee extensor strength for physical function and mobility in the elderly, studies focusing on the underlying neuromuscular mechanisms of the quadriceps muscle weakness are limited. The aim of this study was to investigate the(More)
OBJECTIVES This study is designed to examine the feasibility of diffusion-sensitized multishot split-echo rapid acquisition with relaxation enhancement (RARE) for diffusion-weighted ophthalmic imaging free of geometric distortions at 3.0 and 7.0 T in healthy volunteers and patients with intraocular masses. MATERIALS AND METHODS A diffusion-sensitized(More)
The bone mineral density (BMD) of retrieved cancellous bone samples is compared to the BMD measured in vivo in the respective osteoarthritic patients. Furthermore, mechanical properties, in terms of structural modulus (E(s)) and ultimate compression strength (σ(max)) of the bone samples, are correlated to BMD data. Human femoral heads were retrieved from 13(More)
Laboratory parameters in emergency medicine can be divided into 3 categories. Urgent obligatory parameters are necessary for immediate therapeutic decisions and must be available within 60 minutes. For these, testing in the emergency department (ED) as point-of-care-testing (POCT) should be considered. The second category are obligatory parameters which(More)
BACKGROUND Rising numbers of computed tomography (CT) examinations worldwide have led to a focus on dose reduction in the latest developments in CT technology. Iterative reconstruction (IR) models bear the potential to effectively reduce dose while maintaining adequate image quality. PURPOSE To assess the impact of adaptive statistical iterative(More)
Das leichte Schädel-Hirn-Trauma (SHT) ist eines der häufigsten Verletzungsbilder in Notfallaufnahmen und birgt besondere Herausforderungen. Einerseits sind relevante Verletzungsfolgen selten, andererseits gibt es Fälle, bei denen verzögert oder gar nicht erkannte Verletzungen fatale Konsequenzen nach sich ziehen. Das initial meist unauffällige klinische(More)