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Collecting ground truth-data for real-world applications is a non-trivial but very important task. In order to evaluate new algo-rithmic approaches or to benchmark system performance, they are inevitable. This is particularly true for robotics applications. In this paper we present our data collection for the biped humanoid robot Nao. Reflective markers(More)
The TIG3 gene is a retinoic acid inducible class II tumor suppressor gene downregulated in several human tumors and malignant cell lines. Diminished TIG3 expression correlates with decreased differentiation whereas forced expression of TIG3 suppresses oncogenic signaling pathways and subsequently induces differentiation or apoptosis in tumor cells. Analysis(More)
Address geocoding, the process of finding the map location for a structured postal address, is a relatively well-studied problem. In this paper we consider the more general problem of crosslingual location search, where the queries are not limited to postal addresses, and the language and script used in the search query is different from the one in which(More)
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