Tobias Kasser

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We have developed a electronically reconfigurable 4×4 switch matrix for satellite communications at Ka-band downlink frequencies (17 ... 22 GHz), utilizing low-temperature co-fired ceramic multilayer technology. During a successful one-year on-orbit verification aboard a German test satellite, the switch matrix showed continuous reliable operation(More)
This paper describes the development of a liquid crystal (LC) controlled waveguide filter demonstrator for space application. The filter can be used in a satellite input multiplexer section (IMUX) and allows shifting the filter frequency from 19.7...20.2 GHz with 200 MHz bandwidth. The filter frequency can be controlled magnetically or electrically. The(More)
A diallel cross between two strains of rats, from the same genetic source, but varying greatly in body size, was made in order to evaluate the following litter traits: number born alive, litter birth weight, number at 21 d of age, 21 d-litter weight, survival from birth to weaning and average birth weight. Least-squares analyses of variance of traits(More)
A demonstrator system for high temperature superconductor (HTSC) and cryogenic technology for application in satellite communication is described. The C-band system consists of a HTSC receiver unit (front end and input multiplexer), power amplifiers and a cryogenic output multiplexer. Technological issues are addressed as well as benefits and perspectives(More)
A diallel cross between two strains of rats from the same genetic source, that vary greatly in body size, was made in order to evaluate the differences in individual gain, feed consumption and feed efficiency (gain/feed) from 4 to 15 wk of age. Significant paternal, maternal and sex effects were evident for all weekly gains and feed consumption. These(More)
Differences in growth curve parameters were evaluated on two growth strains of rats and their reciprocal crosses. Least squares analysis indicated differences (p less than .05) in asymptotic weight, age and weight at the inflection point, the rate parameter, and absolute growth rate. Significant paternal, maternal, and sex influences were evident for each(More)
CCK is a putative satiety peptide found to be active when administered peripherally and centrally. Concentrations of CCK have been measured in the brains of fed and fasted animals, but as yet no clear correlation with feeding has been found. In the present experiment rats were sacrificed after a 6-hr fast or 5 min after a meal. Areas of the hypothalamus(More)
In this paper we describe the development of a compact and lightweight reconfigurable 4×4 switch matrix module for geostationary satellite communications in Ka-band (17…22 GHz), where signal routing becomes more and more relevant. The module is based on a space-qualified low-temperature co-fired ceramic multilayer technology. Following a(More)
A diallel cross between two genetically similar growth strain lines of rats, varying greatly in body size was made in order to evaluate the differences in carcass composition at 15 and 25 weeks of age. Traits assessed were percentages of dry matter, ash, fat, and protein of empty body weight. Analysis of variance of the components in the model indicated no(More)
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