Tobias Körtner

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Thanks to the efforts of the robotics and autonomous systems community, robots are becoming ever more capable. There is also an increasing demand from end-users for autonomous service robots that can operate in real environments for extended periods. In the STRANDS project we are tackling this demand head-on by integrating state-of-the-art artificial(More)
Healthcare systems in industrialized countries face the challenge of providing care for a growing number of elderly people. Information technology has the possibility of facilitating this process by providing support for nursing staff and improving the well-being of the elderly through a variety of support systems. Little is known about the challenges that(More)
Assistive robots could be a future means to support independent living for seniors. This article provides insights into the latest developments in social service robots (SSR) based on the recently finished HOBBIT project. The idea of the HOBBIT project was to develop a low-cost SSR which is able to reduce the risk of falling, to detect falls and handle(More)
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