Tobias Illg

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The terminology Novel Process Window unites different methods to improve existing processes by applying unconventional and harsh process conditions like: process routes at much elevated pressure, much elevated temperature, or processing in a thermal runaway regime to achieve a significant impact on process performance. This paper is a review of parts of(More)
The two-step synthesis of tert-butyl peroxypivalate is performed in a single-channel microreactor. The first step, the deprotonation of tert-butyl hydroperoxide, is done in a simple mixer tube setup. The residence time section for the second reaction step is equipped with orifices for interfacial area renewal, needed for ensuring mass transfer between the(More)
The synthesis of peroxycarboxylic esters, as one subgroup of organic peroxides, is characterized by a high thermal hazard potential regarding process safety. In case of failure in the production process, e.g., if the heat of reaction cannot be removed sufficiently fast, decomposition reactions can be triggered, and as a result, remarkable amounts of heat(More)
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