Tobias Hoppe

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The IT security of automotive systems is an evolving area of research. To analyse the current situation and the potentially growing tendency of arising threats we performed several practical tests on recent automotive technology. With a focus on automotive systems based on CAN bus technology, this article summarises the results of four selected tests(More)
Model-based Systems Engineering requires an intuitive semantically strong data model to enable precise data specification and provide the foundation for fruitful data analyses during data evolution. This paper presents an approach to use the Web Ontology Language (OWL) for specifying a Conceptual Data Model (CDM) being transformed into a format(More)
This paper presents the design and usage of a language for Conceptual Data Modeling in Model-based Systems Engineering. Based on an existing analysis of presently employed data modeling languages, a new conceptual data modeling language is defined that brings together characteristic features from software engineering languages, features from languages(More)
BACKGROUND Adverse drug reactions are one of the most common causes of death in industrialized Western countries. Nowadays, empirical data from clinical studies for the approval and monitoring of drugs and molecular databases is available. METHODS The integration of database information is a promising method for providing well-based knowledge to avoid(More)
The integration of modern IT technologies into vehicles brings up several new challenges in automotive systems engineering. While current technology aspires an exclusive use of electrical and electronic control systems for relevant functions, such as engine control or X-by-wire systems, growing dependency on electronic systems increases the vulnerability of(More)
Drugs are essential for the prevention and treatment of diseases. However, co-administration of multiple drugs may cause serious adverse drug reactions, which are usually known but sometimes unknown. Package inserts of prescription drugs are supposed to contain risks and side effects, but such information is not necessarily complete. At the core of efforts(More)
Besides its overall optical impression, the assessment of a car’s value and/or condition today is widely being based on its (mile)age as a primary indicator. This is a bad and unreliable concept because mileage alone is no representative indicator for a car’s condition (which depends on many more factors) and constitutes a focal point for (frequently(More)
In diesem Beitrag wird die Notwendigkeit des konsequenten Einsatzes von IT-gestützten Modellen im Systems Engineering, exemplarisch aus Sicht der Raumfahrtindustrie, motiviert und dabei auf aktuell existierende Anforderungen und Probleme eingegangen. Aus wissenschaftlich-technischer Sicht wird dabei auf Problemstellungen aus dem Bereich Big Data,(More)