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Keywords: Automotive IT Practical attack scenarios Interplay between security and safety Countermeasures Automotive intrusion detection Automotive IT-forensics a b s t r a c t The IT security of automotive systems is an evolving area of research. To analyse the current situation and the potentially growing tendency of arising threats we performed several(More)
In the last decade, automotive systems changed from traditional mechanical or mechatronical systems towards software intensive systems, because more and more functionality has been implemented by software. Currently,t his trend is still ongoing. Due to this increased use of software, more and more data accumulates and thus, has to be handled. Since it wasn(More)
Enterprise information infrastructures are generally characterized by a multitude of information systems which support decision makers in fulfilling their duties. The object of information security management is the protection of these systems, whereas security information and event management (SIEM) addresses those information management tasks which focus(More)
Modern cars offer an increasingly powerful multimedia environment. While also the potential for an application as human computer interface (HCI) is growing, in this paper we concentrate on already existing possibilities for their use as computer-human-interface (CHI) to communicate system security related information to the driver. After identifying the(More)
In this paper we show how to extract graphics content within a memory dump of a Windows-based system. This includes the assurance of integrity and authenticity of evidence gathered this way using cryptographic mechanisms. We introduce a forensic data model and investigate different forensic analysis steps within a phase-oriented manner to classify potential(More)