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In the last decade, automotive systems changed from traditional mechanical or mechatronical systems towards software intensive systems, because more and more functionality has been implemented by software. Currently, this trend is still ongoing. Due to this increased use of software, more and more data accumulates and thus, has to be handled. Since it was(More)
Keywords: Automotive IT Practical attack scenarios Interplay between security and safety Countermeasures Automotive intrusion detection Automotive IT-forensics a b s t r a c t The IT security of automotive systems is an evolving area of research. To analyse the current situation and the potentially growing tendency of arising threats we performed several(More)
In this paper, we present an approach for designing security warnings in vehicles for software based security incidents. With this we pursue the goal of reducing safety relevant component failures, which can be caused by manipulated or malicious software. The basis of our work is a theoretical analysis of the correlation of manipulated software (including(More)
While conventional malware detection approaches increasingly fail, modern heuristic strategies often perform dynamically, which is not possible in many applications due to related effort and the quantity of files. Based on existing work from [1] and [2] we analyse an approach towards statistical malware detection of PE executables. One benefit is its(More)