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We studied the p53 mutational spectra of 34 lip and 60 intra-oral squamous-cell carcinomas and examined possible etiological and prognostic correlations for these tumor sites. For the p53 analysis of exons 5-8, we used PCR/TGGE screening followed by DNA sequencing. Mutations were found in 18/34 (53%) lip and 22/60 (38%) intra-oral carcinomas. The p53(More)
Survival rates were not significantly different 5 days after 20-min unilateral ischemia followed by contralateral nephrectomy: 58% in 20-day-old vs. 77% in 55-day-old rats. This experimental approach was used to characterize age dependent differences in the susceptibility of the glutathione system to ischemia and protective effects of treatment with vitamin(More)
After 45-min bilateral warm renal ischemia lethality amounted to 45% and 82% in 55- and 20-day-old rats, respectively (n = 176). Lethality rates were not significantly different after 20-min unilateral ischemia followed by contralateral nephrectomy after 24 hours (34 vs. 48% in young vs. adult rats; n = 168). The latter experimental approach was used to(More)
We investigated the role of receptor binding affinity in surface adhesion. A sensitive technique was developed to measure the surface energy of receptor-mediated adhesion. The experimental system involved a functionalized elastic agarose bead resting on a functionalized glass coverslip. Attractive intersurface forces pulled the two surfaces together,(More)
Psychotic symptoms have been shown to be associated with numerous social factors, such as migration and urban upbringing, of which one plausible common component is loneliness. This suggests a relationship between loneliness and positive psychotic symptoms. According to current cognitive models of psychosis, the relationship between loneliness and positive(More)
Visual attention to threat-related facial expressions possibly contributes to delusion formation and maintenance and may serve as a vulnerability marker. The aim of the present study was to examine visual attention to threat-related facial expressions using dynamic stimuli in people with differing levels of delusion-proneness. We expected that(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES A promising candidate for a vulnerability indicator for psychosis is the restricted scanpath. Restricted scanning of social stimuli, such as faces, might also contribute to misinterpretations of facial expressions and thus increase the likelihood of delusional interpretations. Moreover, similar to other vulnerability indicators of(More)
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