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Regulation of Frizzled-Dependent Planar Polarity Signaling by a V-ATPase Subunit
Frizzled (Fz) is a seven-pass transmembrane receptor that acts in both Wingless (Wg) and planar cell polarity (PCP) pathways. A prerequisite for PCP signaling is the asymmetric subcellularExpand
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V-ATPase/mTOR signaling regulates megalin-mediated apical endocytosis.
mTOR kinase is a master growth regulator that can be stimulated by multiple signals, including amino acids and the lysosomal small GTPase Rheb. Recent studies have proposed an important role for theExpand
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Drosophila ATP6AP2/VhaPRR functions both as a novel planar cell polarity core protein and a regulator of endosomal trafficking
Planar cell polarity (PCP) controls the orientation of cells within tissues and the polarized outgrowth of cellular appendages. So far, six PCP core proteins including the transmembrane proteinsExpand
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The role of proton transporters in epithelial Wnt signaling pathways
The planar cell polarity (PCP) pathway polarizes epithelia in the plane of a tissue. It regulates form and function of tissues and manifests itself by the polarized formation of cellular appendagesExpand
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