Tobias Hermann

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This paper presents techniques to render acoustic representations for EEG data. In our case, data are obtained from psy-cholinguistic experiments where subjects are exposed to three different conditions based on different auditory stimuli. The goal of this research is to uncover elements of neural processing correlated with high-level cognitive activity.(More)
  • Joseph Alexei Hagerty, Zoya Popovi, Regan Zane, Joseph Hagerty, Alexei, Lori Basilio +46 others
  • 2003
Date The nal copy of this thesis has been examined by the signatories, and we nd that both the content and the form meet acceptable presentation standards of scholarly work in the above mentioned discipline. Thesis directed by Professor Zoya Popovi c This thesis covers theory and experiment for four distinct applications involving RF{DC and DC{RF energy(More)
Soil texture is one of the most important soil properties governing most of the physical, chemical and hydrological properties of soils. Variability in soil texture may contribute to the variation in nutrient storage and availability, water retention and transport and binding and stability of soil aggregates. It can directly or indirectly influence many(More)
For the successful processing and handling of (large scale) document collections, effective information extraction methods are essential. This paper presents a framework for the semi-automatic development of rule-based information extraction applications based on the TEXT-MARKER language utilizing machine learning methods. We describe the approach in detail(More)
The ability to resolve single cells noninvasively in the living retina has important applications for the study of normal retina, diseased retina, and the efficacy of therapies for retinal disease. We describe a new instrument for high-resolution, in vivo imaging of the mammalian retina that combines the benefits of confocal detection, adaptive optics,(More)
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