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Piezoelectric transformers are increasingly getting popular in the electrical devices owing to several advantages such as small size, high efficiency, no electromagnetic noise and non-flammable. In addition to the conventional applications such as ballast for back light inverter in notebook computers, camera flash, and fuel ignition several new applications(More)
The design of piezoelectric transducers is usually based on single-objective optimization only. In most practical applications of piezoelectric transducers, however, there exist multiple design objectives that often are contradictory to each other by their very nature. It is impossible to find a solution at which each objective function gets its optimal(More)
Classically, rotary motors with gears and spindle mechanisms are used to achieve translatory motion. In means of miniaturization and weight reduction piezoelectric linear motors are of interest. Several ultrasonic linear motors found in literature base on the use of two different vibration modes. Most often flexural and longitudinal modes are combined to(More)
An improved concept for ultrasonic hyperthermia of tumors is presented. This concept is based on past experience of a German government supported project , which ended in 1984. It offers a low cost alternative to common RF- and microwave methods for hyperthermia of tumors with volumes between 1 and 40 ml at treatment times between 30 and 60 min. Our new(More)
The hydrothermal method utilizes a solution-based chemical reaction to synthesize piezoelectric thin films and powders. This method has a number of advantages, such as low-temperature synthesis, and high purity and high quality of the product. In order to promote hydrothermal reactions, we developed an ultrasonic assisted hydrothermal method and confirmed(More)
Rotary ultrasonic motors have found broad industrial application in camera lens drives and other systems. Linear ultrasonic motors in contrast have only found limited applications. The main reason for the limited range of application of these very attractive devices seems to be their small force and power range. Attempts to build linear ultrasonic motors(More)
(K,Na)NbO3 ceramics have attracted much attention as lead-free piezoelectric materials with high piezoelectric properties. High-quality (K,Na)NbO3 ceramics can be sintered using KNbO3 and NaNbO3 powders synthesized by a hydrothermal method. In this study, to enhance the quality factor of the ceramics, high-power ultrasonic irradiation was employed during(More)
A simple pre-stress estimate method of Langevin transducers is studied. The measurement setup consists of a capacitor, an impedance converter and a voltmeter. Based on the piezoelectric equation and the basic circuit theory, the mathematical expression between the pre-stress and the voltage across the capacitor is derived. The pre-stress level can then be(More)
The optimal design of symmetrical Langevin transducers using multiobjective evolutionary algorithms (MOEAs) is studied. The design problem is formulated as a constrained multiobjective optimization problem (MOP) involving continuous design variables (dimensions of the transducer) and discrete design variables (the number of piezoelectric rings and material(More)