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A clinical study was undertaken to formulate better criteria for accurate diagnosis of the lumbar facet syndrome and for predicting treatment response to facet joint injection. Twenty-two consecutive patients with a clinical diagnosis of lumbar facet syndrome, made by conventional diagnostic criteria, who were then treated with facet joint injection, were(More)
Synchronization plays an important role in multimedia systems at various levels of abstraction. In this paper, we propose a set of powerful abstractions for controlling and synchronizing continuous media streams in distributed environments. The proposed abstractions are based on a very general computation model, which allows media streams to be processed(More)
In distributed multimedia applications time-dependent data streams are conveyed and processed under real-time conditions. The timely accurate activation of the stream handlers processing the data units of streams requires deriving their scheduling times from the temporal properties of the data streams and the amount of data that is processed in each(More)
Modularization aims to improve the flexibility and reconfigurability of manufacturing systems. But the effort and complexity required for the coordination of modules increases with the distribution of intelligence. One of the challenges is the identification of subsystems or automation components in modular manufacturing system which is the focus of this(More)