Tobias Heffelaar

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Previous studies indicate that both electroencephalogram (EEG) spectral power (in particular the alpha and theta band) and event-related potentials (ERPs) (in particular the P300) can be used as a measure of mental work or memory load. We compare their ability to estimate workload level in a well-controlled task. In addition, we combine both types of(More)
User-system interactions (e.g., mouse clicks and movements) can be logged with the uLog computer program. A Web-based study with 20 participants was conducted to investigate the feasibility of using uLog data as an indicator of workload and attention. Eye fixation, heart rate variability (HRV), and skin conductance were used to unveil users' workload and(More)
In user interface development, it is essential to find the balance between grasping and, subsequently, holding attention and providing an optimal information density both in the center and periphery of focus, refraining from information overload [2,7]. This process is like balancing on a thin line: the exact amount and optimal manner of information(More)
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