Tobias Haushahn

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We investigated the different processes involved in spore liberation in the polypod fern Adiantum peruvianum (Pteridaceae). Sporangia are being produced on the undersides of so-called false indusia, which are situated at the abaxial surface of the pinnule margins, and become exposed by a desiccation-induced movement of these pinnule flaps. The complex(More)
UNLABELLED • PREMISE OF THE STUDY Dragon trees (Dracaenaceae) are arborescent monocotyledons with anomalous secondary growth and are able to branch, exhibiting a treelike habit. Studies of the morphology and anatomy of ramifications allow for a better understanding of the complex course and arrangement of the vascular bundles in the stem-branch attachment(More)
Main aims of the study are a deepened understanding of the mechanically relevant (ultra-)structures and the mechanical behaviour of various arborescent and shrubby monocotyledons and obtaining the structure-function relationships of different structurally conspicuous parts in Dracaena marginata stems. The stems of five different "woody" monocotyledon(More)
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