Tobias Haubrich

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The recent discussions about the relationship between helicobacter-pylori-infection, gastritis and the occurrence of stomach cancer caused us to analyse blood sera of 543 participants randomly selected from the general population in the age of 25 to 34 and of 55 to 64 years from Mosbach (Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis), the county of Deggendorf (Lower-Bavaria) and(More)
Typically, virtual traffic networks are enhanced by semantic information to simplify certain processes in traffic simulations such as navigation or decision making. In this paper, we introduce an extendable model representing road network logics (RNL) which allows the integration of such semantic information. For our specific application, we focused on the(More)
Perception is one of the most important cognitive capabilities of an entity since it determines how an entity perceives its environment. The presented work focuses on providing cost efficient but realistic perceptual processes for intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) or NPCs with the goal of providing a sound information basis for the entities' decision making(More)
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