Tobias Hagemeier

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In this paper, we present TrainSense, a novel infrastructure to support the development and testing of mobile sensing applications. TrainSense merges a mote and a model train into a single mobile unit, and enhances the basic model train infrastructure with several important features required for the evaluation of mobile scenarios. First, we develop a(More)
The case of a 38-year-old woman is reported who developed manifest incontinence of urine following spontaneous parturition on two occasions. An extensive sacrococcygeal meningocele was identified. The paper refers to special features of such clinical after-manifestations.
Wireless sensor networks offer a pragmatic solution for monitoring in a variety of scenarios. For efficient and practical data gathering, especially in large-scale systems deployed in inaccessible areas, unmanned vehicles are becoming a compelling solution. The added infrastructure flexibility comes at the cost of limited contact time between the mobile(More)
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