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The IPSI XQuery Demonstrator (IPSI-XQ) implements the XQuery surface syntax, its mapping to the XQuery Core Language, and the static and dynamic semantics of XQuery Core " by the book " , following the formal specification as faithfully as possible. Its main purpose is to provide a framework for testing various language design options, and for experimenting(More)
An approach combining time-continuous nonlinear stability analysis and a parametric bispectral method was introduced to better describe cortical activation and deactivation patterns in the immature fetal electroencephalogram (EEG). Signal models and data-driven investigations were performed to find optimal parameters of the nonlinear methods and to confirm(More)
A combined time-variant analysis of nonlinear stability and parametric bispectral measures was applied to the in utero electrocorticogram (ECoG) of fetal sheep between 0.7 and 0.9 gestation to examine the maturation of sleep states and synchronization patterns of the ECoG. Cycling of the nonlinear stability of the fetal ECoG occurred already at 0.7(More)
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