Tobias Frey

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We investigate ground and excited state transport through small (d≈70  nm) graphene quantum dots. The successive spin filling of orbital states is detected by measuring the difference between ground-state energies as a function of a magnetic field. For a magnetic field in-plane of the quantum dot the Zeeman splitting of spin states is measured. The results(More)
We present transport measurements on a strongly coupled graphene quantum dot in a perpendicular magnetic field. The device consists of an etched single-layer graphene flake with two narrow constrictions separating a 140 nm diameter island from source and drain graphene contacts. Lateral graphene gates are used to electrostatically tune the device.(More)
Mosquito is a lightweight and adaptive physical design framework for Hadoop. Mosquito connects to existing data pipelines in Hadoop MapReduce and/or HDFS, observes the data, and creates better physical designs, i.e. indexes, as a byproduct. Our approach is minimally invasive, yet it allows users and developers to easily improve the runtime of Hadoop. We(More)
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