Tobias Frey

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Six patients with the syndrome of myelinated nerve fibers, high axial myopia, and refractory amblyopia were studied with particular emphasis on their sensory status. Ocular examination included keratometry, B-scan ultrasonography, measurement of axial lengths, and fundus photography. Sensory testing included visual fields, photostress testing, and neutral(More)
We demonstrate the realization of a hybrid solid-state quantum device, in which a semiconductor double quantum dot is dipole coupled to the microwave field of a superconducting coplanar waveguide resonator. The double dot charge stability diagram extracted from measurements of the amplitude and phase of a microwave tone transmitted through the resonator is(More)
We investigate ground and excited state transport through small (d≈70  nm) graphene quantum dots. The successive spin filling of orbital states is detected by measuring the difference between ground-state energies as a function of a magnetic field. For a magnetic field in-plane of the quantum dot the Zeeman splitting of spin states is measured. The results(More)
Critical flicker frequency (CFF) was determined for both eyes of long-term monocularly deprived (MD) cats over a wide luminance range. Although MD cats could discriminate flicker before and after lid opening, CFF of the deprived eye (30 Hz) was much lower than CFF of the non-deprived eye (40 Hz) and the CFF of the non-deprived eye was lower than a normal(More)
to increasing total energy content through (i) increasing the contribution of grain and (ii) increasing the digest-Maize (Zea mays L.) silage is a high-quality forage for ruminants, ibility of the stover. Much of the variation in forage di-but there have been few significant breeding efforts specifically dedicated to improving maize forage yield or quality(More)
We present transport measurements on a strongly coupled graphene quantum dot in a perpendicular magnetic field. The device consists of an etched single-layer graphene flake with two narrow constrictions separating a 140 nm diameter island from source and drain graphene contacts. Lateral graphene gates are used to electrostatically tune the device.(More)
Carrier concentration and mobility were measured for intrinsic cubic InN and GaN, and for Si-doped cubic GaN as a function of temperature. Metallic n-type conductivity was found for the InN, while background p-type conductivity was observed for the intrinsic GaN layer. Doping the cubic GaN with Si two regimes were observed. For low Si-doping concentrations,(More)
Critical flicker fusion was determined over a wide luminance range for six Siamese and four normal cats. The Siamese cats had the lowest CFF at all luminance levels when compared to normal and binocularly deprived (BD) cats. The Siamese cat's inferior temporal resolution is most likely due to their profound y-cell loss because (1) CFF is proportional to(More)
Mosquito is a lightweight and adaptive physical design framework for Hadoop. Mosquito connects to existing data pipelines in Hadoop MapReduce and/or HDFS, observes the data, and creates better physical designs, i.e. indexes, as a byproduct. Our approach is minimally invasive, yet it allows users and developers to easily improve the runtime of Hadoop. We(More)