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This paper contains both theoretical results and experimental data on the behavior of the dimensions of the cohomology spaces H 1 (Γ, En), where Γ is a lattice in SL(2, C) and En = Sym n ⊗Sym n , n ∈ N ∪ {0}, is one of the standard self-dual modules. In the case Γ = SL(2, O) for the ring of integers O in an imaginary quadratic number field, we make the(More)
To Freydoon Shahidi, for his upcoming 70th birthday Abstract. We provide a uniform estimate for the L 1-norm (over any interval of bounded length) of the logarithmic derivatives of global normalizing factors associated to intertwining operators for the following reductive groups over number fields: inner forms of GL(n); quasi-split classical groups and(More)
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