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Many downstream NLP tasks can benefit from Open Information Extraction (Open IE) as a semantic representation. While Open IE systems are available for English, many other languages lack such tools. In this paper, we present a straightforward approach for adapting PropS, a rule-based predicate-argument analysis for English, to a new language, Ger-man. With(More)
Concept maps can be used to concisely represent important information and bring structure into large document collections. Therefore, we study a variant of multi-document summarization that produces summaries in the form of concept maps. However, suitable evaluation datasets for this task are currently missing. To close this gap, we present a newly created(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the contents of intraosseous cysts in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) through the signal intensity characteristics on gadolinium-DTPA (Gd-DTPA) enhanced magnetic resonance imaging. METHODS The hand or foot joints of nine patients with the cystic form of RA (where the initial radiological abnormality consisted of intraosseous(More)
Paragangliomas of the head and neck (glomus tumours) can occur in a hereditary pattern and may be hormonally active as well as being associated with paragangliomas elsewhere. A number of these tumours may be present without symptoms. To detect the presence of subclinical paragangliomas we screened 83 members of a family at risk of developing hereditary(More)
In a case of bilateral horizontal gaze paralysis, vertical gaze was clinically intact but eye movement recordings demonstrated a transient reduction of vertical saccadic velocities. Horizontal caloric vestibulo-ocular responses were absent. CT scanning and NMR imaging showed a hematoma in the median pontine tegmentum. This case provides additional evidence(More)
The design of a two-turn radiofrequency coil for MR imaging at 0.15 T is presented. The use of well-isolated copper tube (instead of the usual wire) as conductor material resulted in an open, patient friendly construction. Furthermore, the Q value and signal-to-noise ratio of the tube-type coil were increased as compared to the corresponding values in the(More)
Four cases of Paget disease of the skull were studied with magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. With optimal use of projection and technical factors, MR permits simultaneous demonstration of osseous deformity and its relation to the underlying soft tissues. Effects on the brain caused by thickened calvaria and brainstem compression from basilar impression can(More)
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