Tobias Fürtjes

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Trepanation of the skull is a common procedure in craniofacial and neurosurgical interventions, allowing access to the innermost cranial structures. Despite a careful advancement, injury of the dura mater represents a frequent complication during these cranial openings. The technology of computer-assisted surgery offers different support systems such as(More)
A robotic instrument which synergistically cooperates with the surgeon for opening the skull in neurosurgery is proposed. To reduce frequent complications of this intervention, tear of the dura mater and bad reintegration of the skull bone a soft tissue preserving saw is combined with automatic depth regulation on the basis of a priori acquired medical(More)
Re-Sternotomy is an important part of many interventions in cardiac or thoracic surgery. It is performed close to critical structures such as the ascending aorta or the heart with an inherent high risk of serious damage. In this paper, a system for improving the safety of this surgical procedure is presented. A soft tissue preserving saw is combined with(More)
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