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  • 2002
SUBJECT The significance of the modern stress concept for health behaviour and prevention. METHODS/RESULTS Many different definitions of the term "stress" exist concurrently. This observation is important for medicine because of the extensive and increasing use of this term in scientific publications. For a better understanding, the historical development(More)
We determined changes in mRNA expression in specific enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of morphine in human white blood cells via microarray. Leukocyte exposure to morphine down-regulated catechol-O-methyl transferase (COMT) and CYP2D6 by approximately 50% compared with control values. The treatment did not alter DOPA decarboxylase and dopamine(More)
OBJECTIVE Evidence for a connection between stress and selected neurodegenerative diseases as well as mental disorders is analyzed. Does stress cause or exacerbate related pathophysiological disease processes? METHOD The stress phenomenon is illustrated and the impact of stress on the nervous system, neurodegenerative diseases, and mental disorders is(More)
BACKGROUND Emotional distress is an increasing public health problem and Hatha yoga has been claimed to induce stress reduction and empowerment in practicing subjects. We aimed to evaluate potential effects of Iyengar Hatha yoga on perceived stress and associated psychological outcomes in mentally distressed women. MATERIAL/METHODS A controlled(More)
OBJECTIVE Evidence for a connection between stress and selected cardiovascular diseases is analyzed. Does stress cause or exacerbate cardiovascular diseases? METHOD The stress phenomenon is illustrated and the impact of stress on the circulatory system is examined. In particular, the pathophysiological significance of stress in hypertension,(More)
BACKGROUND The ability of animals to make morphine has been in question for the last 30 years. Studies have demonstrated that animals do contain morphine precursors and metabolites, as well as the ability to use some morphine precursors to make morphine. MATERIAL/METHODS The present study uses excised ganglia from the marine invertebrate Mytilus edulis as(More)
BACKGROUND Stress can affect health. There is a growing need for the evaluation and application of professional stress management options, i.e, stress reduction. Mind/body medicine serves this goal, e.g, by integrating self-care techniques into medicine and health care. Tai Chi (TC) can be classified as such a mind/body technique, potentially reducing(More)
Modern science begins to understand pleasure as a potential component of salutogenesis. Thereby, pleasure is described as a state or feeling of happiness and satisfaction resulting from an experience that one enjoys. We examine the neurobiological factors underlying reward processes and pleasure phenomena. Further, health implications related to pleasurable(More)
BACKGROUND Currently, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) are experiencing growing popularity, especially in former industrialized countries. However, most of the underlying physiological and molecular mechanisms as well as participating biological structures are still speculative. Specific and non-specific effects may play a role in CAM. Moreover,(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Stress is natural and belongs to life itself. To sustain it and even grow with it biology invented different mechanisms, since stress resistance is obligatory. These pathways, we surmise, can be activated and learned intentionally, through professional stress management training or 'mind-body medicine', or endogenously and(More)