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OBJECTIVE Evidence for a connection between stress and selected neurodegenerative diseases as well as mental disorders is analyzed. Does stress cause or exacerbate related pathophysiological disease processes? METHOD The stress phenomenon is illustrated and the impact of stress on the nervous system, neurodegenerative diseases, and mental disorders is(More)
Stress can facilitate disease processes and causes strain on the health care budgets. It is responsible or involved in many human ailments of our time, such as cardiovascular illnesses, particularly related to the psychosocial stressors of daily life, including work. Besides pharmacological or clinical medical treatment options, behavioral stress reduction(More)
UNLABELLED Endocannabinoids may be a physiological model for our self-healin capacities, since they are part of a complex system of natural auto-regulatory processes. This system has been examined via neurobiology, where the experimental invertebrate model is useful. Endocannabinoids, as well as endogenous morphine, activate constitutive nitric oxide (NO)(More)
BACKGROUND Currently, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) are experiencing growing popularity, especially in former industrialized countries. However, most of the underlying physiological and molecular mechanisms as well as participating biological structures are still speculative. Specific and non-specific effects may play a role in CAM. Moreover,(More)
Modern science begins to understand pleasure as a potential component of salutogenesis. Thereby, pleasure is described as a state or feeling of happiness and satisfaction resulting from an experience that one enjoys. We examine the neurobiological factors underlying reward processes and pleasure phenomena. Further, health implications related to pleasurable(More)
and a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – number H75/CCH119124. Summary Objective: Evidence for a connection between stress and selected cardiovascular diseases is analyzed. Does stress cause or exacerbate cardiovascular diseases? Method: The stress phenomenon is illustrated and the impact of stress on the circulatory system is(More)
Although the anatomical configuration of the amygdala has been studied a great deal, very little research has been conducted on understanding the precise mechanism by which this emotional regulatory center exerts its control on emotional and sexual behavior. By applying research methodology from the Neuroscience Research Institute, State University of New(More)