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—The EU-funded CoCoRo project studies heterogeneous swarms of AUVs used for the purposes of underwater monitoring and search. The CoCoRo underwater swarm system will combine bio-inspired motion principles with biologically-derived collective cognition mechanisms to provide a novel robotic system that is scalable, reliable and flexible with respect its(More)
Underwater exploration is important for mapping out the oceans, environmental monitoring, and search and rescue, yet water represents one of the most challenging of operational environments. The Co-CoRo project proposes to address these challenges using cognitive swarm intelligent systems. We present here CoCoRoSim, an underwater swarm robotics simulation(More)
— This paper is devoted to local sensing and communication for collective underwater systems used in net-worked and swarm modes. It is demonstrated that a specific combination of modal and sub-modal communication, used simultaneously for robot-robot and robot-object detection, can create a dedicated cooperation between multiple AUVs. These technologies,(More)
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