Tobias Bruns

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Remote sensing Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data from TerraSAR-X and Tandem-X (TS-X and TD-X) satellites have been used for validation and verification of newly developed coastal forecast models in the German Bight of the North Sea. The empirical XWAVE algorithm for estimation of significant wave height has been adopted for coastal application and(More)
We present data on velar speech movements examined by electromagnetic articulography (EMA), a tool for the study of velar kinematics. Based on investigations on 22 normal German subjects (15 male, 7 female), movement paths of the velum using a sensor positioned on the midsagittal anterior surface were recorded using a series of high and low vowel VCV(More)
Objective examination of velopharyngeal (VP) sphincter function has been described based on multiple methods. Videofluoroscopy and videoendoscopy represent today's clinical standard. A new concept of analysis of VP functioning is described using electromagnetic articulography (EMA) for midsagittal measurement of velar movement and videoendoscopy in a(More)
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