Tobias Bruckmann

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— Tendon-based parallel manipulators with n d.o.f. use at least m = n + 1 tendons to guide the endeffector along a given trajectory. Since tendons can only transmit limited and tractive forces, it is essential to apply a valid tendon force distribution. Due to safety and precision requirements, a combined position and force control is needed where the force(More)
The aim of this paper is to investigate possibilities for controlling a four-legged walking robot (ALDURO) with a force feedback joystick. A way to filter motion induced errors out of the input data is shown, as well as ways to prevent them by using force feedback. Force feedback can also be used to supply the operator with information about the workspace(More)
Despite a high potential to improve the productivity, quality and safety and also to reduce costs, automated technologies are not widely spread in the construction sector. This paper presents a simulation-based approach to analyze the technical and economic feasibility of wire robots for automated construction in future investigations. Masonry buildings are(More)
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