Tobias Beckers

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Using rigorous diffraction theory we investigate the scattering properties of various random textures currently used for photon management in thin-film solar cells. We relate the haze and the angularly resolved scattering function of these cells to the enhancement of light absorption. A simple criterion is derived that provides an explanation why certain(More)
In a cooperative effort between SMS Siemag AG (SMS), AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke (DH), and the Chair for Artificial Intelligence of the TU Dortmund University (TUD), modern data mining and machine learning algorithms have been closely integrated with steel processing by a newly developed modular, distributed and scalable data-stream processing system. It(More)
In the framework of its search for new heavy, fast, and radiation-hard scintillators for calorimetry at future colliders, the Crystal Clear Collaboration performed a systematic investigation of the properties and of the scintillation and radiation damage mechanisms of CeF3 monocrystals. Many samples of various dimensions up to 3×3×28cm3 were produced by(More)
A cerium fluoride matrix composed of nine longitudinally segmented towers, approximately 25 X0 long, has been tested in electron, muon and pion beams of momenta ranging from 10 to 150 GeV/c. The results are discussed in terms of light yield, electronic noise, energy and position resolution. In spite of serious imperfections in geometry and quality of some(More)
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