Tobias Baur

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Automatic detection and interpretation of social signals carried by voice, gestures, mimics, etc. will play a key-role for next-generation interfaces as it paves the way towards a more intuitive and natural human-computer interaction. The paper at hand introduces Social Signal Interpretation (SSI), a framework for real-time recognition of social signals.(More)
In this paper we present a complete interactive system enabled to detect human laughs and respond appropriately, by integrating the information of the human behavior and the context. Furthermore, the impact of our autonomous laughter-aware agent on the humor experience of the user and interaction between user and agent is evaluated by subjective and(More)
Nonverbal and unconscious behaviour is an important component of daily human-human interaction. This is especially true in situations such as public speaking, job interviews or information sensitive conversations, where researchers have shown that an increased awareness of one's behaviour can improve the outcome of the interaction. With wearable technology,(More)
Job interviews come with a number of challenges, especially for young people who are out of employment, education, or training (NEETs). This paper presents an approach to a job training simulation environment that employs two virtual characters and social cue recognition techniques to create an immersive interactive job interview. The two virtual characters(More)
The outcome of interpersonal interactions depends not only on the contents that we communicate verbally, but also on nonverbal social signals. Because a lack of social skills is a common problem for a significant number of people, serious games and other training environments have recently become the focus of research. In this work, we present NovA(More)