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In phytopathology quantitative measurements are rarely used to assess crop plant disease symptoms. Instead, a qualitative valuation by eye is often the method of choice. In order to close the gap between subjective human inspection and objective quantitative results, the development of an automated analysis system that is capable of recognizing and(More)
Code review in practice is often performed change-based, i.e. using the code changes belonging to a task to determine which code to review. In previous studies, it was found that two variations of this process are used in industry: Pre commit review (review-then-commit) and post commit review (commit-then-review). The choice for one of these variants has(More)
Code review in the industry today is different to code review twenty years ago. The process has become more lightweight, reviews are performed frequently and change-based and the use of specialized tools is increasing. An accurate view of the current state of the industrial practice is an indispensable foundation for improving it. Most recent descriptions(More)
In this paper, we propose a robust statistical semantic tagging model trained on completely unannotated data. The approach relies mainly on prior domain knowledge to counterbalance the lack of semantically annotated treebank data. The proposed method encodes longer contextual information by grouping strongly related semantic concepts together into cohesive(More)
The need to increase the efficiency of software development creates a demand for unobtrusive in-process means of software quality assurance that align well with agile processes. Many version control system clients provide facilities for running scripts or other executables before a change is committed to the repository. These ”pre-commit hooks” can be(More)
Code review is known to be an efficient quality assurance technique. Many software companies today use it, usually with a process similar to the patch review process in open source software development. However, there is still a large fraction of companies performing almost no code reviews at all. And the companies that do code reviews have a lot of(More)
An important goal in requirements engineering is to enable good requirements communication among all project participants. Especially in projects with a variety of stakeholders, it is important to repeatedly collect and discuss their different views and requirements throughout the whole project. However, most of the stakeholders have other main tasks and(More)
Die Radiologie ist eines der Fachgebiete mit den höchsten Investitionskosten im Gesundheitswesen. Die Notwendigkeit, Arbeitsabläufe so effizient zu gestalten, dass sie eine maximale Auslastung ermöglichen, ist hinlänglich bekannt. Um vor Beginn eines Projekts bzw. einer Neuanschaffung eine möglichst stabile wirtschaftliche Planung zu erstellen, ist es(More)
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